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Breathing into movement

It has been ages since I was on my blog! I wanted to let everyone know that I have an upcoming workshop at Levelsix in January. Details are below;

Postnatal Recovery Workshop

Sunday January 13th 2019

11 - 1pm

Levelsix Yoga, Peckham, SE15 4ST

£28 per person, booking essential, places limited

​Breathing into Movement

I am proud to co-host this workshop with Louise Rogers, a highly experienced yoga teacher based in Surrey.

Both Louise and myself have worked extensively with postnatal women, and are passionate about providing the tools to feel better and live well every day in order to enjoy the changes and challenges that motherhood brings. ​

This workshop is relevant for all postnatal women - you do not need to feel strong, be established in exercise, or have experience in Pilates or yoga. You may be a very new first time Mum and have not yet begun to exercise for fear of doing it ‘wrong’, you may be much further from having given birth and contemplating another pregnancy or simply feel that you aren’t as strong as you would like, still have a ‘mummy tummy’ or have persistent lower back-ache or shoulder/neck pain.

Our workshop will explore the mechanics of breath and the effect that this has on the deep layers of the body – how it builds strength from the inside out. Breathing and the activation of the diaphragm are fundamental to physical, emotional and energetic recovery. How we take the breath into movement and how we pay attention to the alignment of our ribs, spine and pelvis also release the potential of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall to recover and strengthen. This will increase your feelings of stability, decrease physical and mental fatigue and bring a more positive relationship to your changed body and changed self.

This workshop blends yoga, Pilates and somatic movement and is designed to educate and inspire. It aims;

  • To give an insight into pelvic floor rehabilitation

  • Practice integrated movement of the pelvis, spine and rib cage for improved pelvic floor health

  • To explore methods of recovery for specific post natal issues such as diastasis recti (tummy gap) and PSD

  • To introduce breathing techniques for optimal healing

  • To realise the potential of positive alignment in daily activities including carrying and feeding

  • To allow time for deep relaxation and its benefits for healing and calming the nervous system to combat feelings of anxiety and depression

We know that mothers are busy and time is always short, so we will teach you simple strategies for applying postural work throughout your day.

The Levels in Peckham has a multitude of indoor spaces where partners with babies can be close at hand but still allow you some much needed ‘me’ time. Take this opportunity to learn, relax and reconnect with yourself. Just your breath, body and a desire to feel good.

At the end of the workshop Louise and I will be available to answer questions in the fabulous Levelsix café where Woody and his team prepare gorgeous homemade Vegan food, revitalising juices and The Rare Tea Company beverages.

Get in touch with Caroline on 07808 860952 if you have any questions and email www.louiserogersyoga/bookings if you would like to book. Places are limited.

Really hope to see some of you there - a great way to kick start your year....