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My 1 to 1 sessions are from my home studio in Cowes.


They are an hour long and give time to focus on individual needs and requests. A home programme can also be given if required.

Individual sessions can be booked as one-offs or part of a block. 

£60 - single sessions

£55 each when booked in a block of 3 or more.

Please contact me if you would like more information about these.


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The reformer is a unique piece of equipment originally designed by Joseph Pilates during WW1 when he  was working with injured servicemen. He devised a system of pulleys attached to their hospital beds so that he could rehabilitate them without them having to stand! 

The modern reformer is a very versatile piece of equipment as it can both intensify exercises by increasing resistance and also make exercises easier by providing support through resistance. So it is accessible to all levels.


I also offer small groups sessions in your own home. 

If you have a friend/s who might like to join you for a personalised session then let me know. 

Prices are dependent on group size.

Single sessions or blocks are available.


I have an extensive video library of classes. This includes live recordings of weekly classes as well as in depth topic specific teachings. Here are some taster videos to try and then contact me if you would like access to further classes.

Free Video
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