Classes & Teaching

Due to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus I am presently teaching a mixture of online and in studio classes depending on COVID -19 restrictions - please go to the booking page to see more details and to book a space in class.

Sessions 1:1

These clients sessions are tailored to each individuals needs and I will initially work with people on this basis. This is particularly important if they are coming to me post surgery or with complex physical issues. 


Through structured personalised exercises I get clients to focus on themselves, in order to become more aware of their movement patterns. My sessions work on releasing tension, mobilising and strengthening the body in order to bring it into better balance. Often clients come to me in pain, sometimes long term, and I work to give them back the confidence to move. Tension, pain and injury are not just about the one place where the stress has accumulated. I will work in and out of that place to get the body moving as an entirety, from a strong centre and as a co-ordinated whole.

From here clients can go on to achieve their own personal fitness and/or lifestyle goals. This is not always done in isolation and I collaborate with osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists and massage therapists to achieve the best outcome for each client. If asked for and/or necessary I will give clients a home programme to work on between sessions.

I have had extensive experience of working with pre and post-natal clients and in particular those with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. I have supported many clients post-operatively after hip replacements, spinal, knee and shoulder surgery. I have also worked with clients who have cerebral palsy, MS and spinal injury. 

1 : 1 sessions are £60 for an hour. Block bookings of 5 or more sessions paid in advance have a reduction to £55 a session. 

Session where travel to a client is incurred are between £80 - £100 an hour.

Small Group Classes

I also work from my studio with small groups.


These groups will have 5-6 people. I bring clients together with similar levels of experience and/or physical issues.


These are mat-based classes with small equipment such as rollers, balls and bands. I do this so that clients are able to take their practice out of the class and are not reliant on a large piece of equipment they don’t have access to outside of a studio.


Groups are booked at the start of each half term and run weekly for the duration of that half term.


A block of 6 is £112 and this is payable at the start of each half term.

I feed clients into the appropriate class once I feel they are ready or when a space is available.

Sadly these small groups are currently suspended due to COVID - 19 restrictions and I will update my website once these are up and running again.

Open and online classes

I have relocated to the Isle of Wight and am teaching a revised timetable whilst I find a regular studio to work in.

My online classes are £12 for a single class and block bookings work out at £10. There is always a £5 concessionary rate for anyone who needs it. 



 You can follow me on instagram at changethroughmovement to get dates and times of these and also go to my booking page for more details and to book a space.

Every body is welcome and please contact me if you would like to discuss coming to a class and are unsure as to which is best for you.

Class Information

Local classes throughout the week, please contact me for more information