I would like to thank my clients for their valuable feedback. I hope that you will find it helpful.


Small Group Feedback

''Caroline was recommended to me by my chiropractor, he suggested I take up pilates to improve mobility in my back and I've been working with her for over a year.   I really enjoy attending her sessions because Caroline's teaching style is really motivational and she is responsive to individual needs.  The bonus for me is that I've had fewer back problems since I started Pilates with her and I highly recommend her''

Dr Maxine Daniels

"I started seeing Caroline during my third pregnancy and have continued post pregnancy with classes focussing on pelvic floor and building core stability again after abdominal muscle separation.  She is a hugely experienced, knowledgable and intuitive instructor. Classes are challenging and varied each week and the small group means the tuition is very personalised. I’m seeing constant improvement and gaining real strength in my core - probably doing core work properly for the first time.  I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline"


"I've been attending Caroline's class for seven years now and it's the only exercise class that I have stuck with and look forward to! The classes are small so you don't feel lost in a group, every week there's something a bit different and Caroline's care, knowledge and expertise has meant that the back pain and separation of abdominal muscles I was left with after pregnancy have been enormously improved. As well as seeing a physical improvement the classes are also fun and I feel a huge benefit from attending them"


1:1 Feedback

“Caroline is a sympathetic and creative teacher whose lessons have dealt effectively with the tensions that afflict my ancient body - her disciplined approach and the hard work that goes with it does not detract from her pleasing personality”

James Macmanus

"I was on the wrong side of fifty when I realised, after years of sitting behind a desk, my body was starting to seize up. For instance, I had difficulty turning my head when driving. I was referred to Caroline. Ten years later, I have much greater flexibility than I had in my early fifties. No trouble with driving!"


“I was referred to Caroline during my last pregnancy with ‘synthesis pubis’. Expert advice and intervention from Caroline transformed the early stages of pregnancy from a painful experience with limited mobility to a relatively painless existence.  I was delighted to reach the end of the 9 months with very good mobility and am fortunate to have had the opportunity to benefit from her guidance, insight and very thorough approach to treating something I had understood to be 'untreatable'”


“Caroline is an absolutely superb teacher. Not only is she very well organised and pleasant, but she is able to use her extensive knowledge of Pilates, yoga and the human body to adjust the exercises to suit the individual. I cannot recommend her highly enough and always look forward to lessons with her. I invariably feel healthier and more relaxed as a result!”


“Caroline is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and encouraging.  She listens to what your goals are and develops a programme to help you meet them; in my case it meant adapting nearly everything at first as I couldn't kneel or put pressure on my back. The changes have been enormous.  My posture, core strength, and flexibility have noticeably improved.  The sessions are designed to be challenging but attainable and the programmes she writes for you to do at home are great reinforcements of what's covered in the sessions.  I couldn't recommend her enough”


"I was referred to Caroline for therapeutic pilates by my cranial osteopath in November 2014. I was due to have a shoulder repair operation, & was advised I’d recover more quickly, if I strengthened my shoulder muscles before the operation.


I had private classes with Caroline for a couple of months, before I had my shoulder repair. Caroline developed a programme tailored to my individual needs, which took into account my limited shoulder movement & a knee injury. She carefully supervised me during each class, and I practiced my programme between lessons.


My operation was successful, & I made very good progress after it. Initially, I saw a physiotherapist, but once I could move my arm freely, I returned to private lessons with Caroline. Gradually, I regained a full range of movement, & rebuilt my strength. 


Caroline has helped me improve my flexibility, & together we have tackled many of my longstanding areas of stiffness & weakness. I now feel much fitter & more physically confident.


I have done yoga & pilates for years, & had expected to go back into group classes when I was well enough. But I have benefitted from the individual attention, and enjoyed the private lessons so much, that I have decided to continue with the private sessions.


I am very happy to recommend Caroline as a teacher. She is so knowledgeable about the body, & I feel very safe in her hands"


Open Class Feedback

"Caroline's classes are always very enjoyable. She is very good at explaining what to do and always checks that each person is doing it right. She knows everybody's weaknesses and adapts the moves to individuals according to their abilities and needs"


“I started Caroline's class 4 years ago as a total beginner. She is an amazing teacher and this is the first and only class that I have ever stuck with. The class has made me stronger, fitter and above all happier. I look forward to it every week”