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Caroline Harrison

"Movement and exercise can be invigorating, uplifting, and challenging as well as calming, soothing, and centering."

Caroline Harrison

Photo by Natalie Silvester

Breath, concentration, control, precision, flow ...

To breath and to move. These are two of our most basic instincts. Pilates brings attention to the inter-relationship between the two. This form of mindful exercise helps us to tune in to our bodies inherent intelligence.


This starts the process of self- awareness, unravelling habitual negative movement patterns, unlocking tension and building a strong and balanced body.  This in turn equips us to be resilient to the physical and/or emotional challenges that come our way.

As a teacher I aim to guide my clients and to support them in their own individual exploration.


'Caroline is passionate about improving your ability to move well. She's incredibly knowledgeable encouraging and has an amazing ability to recall each students limitations and can offer any adaptations that may be required. I can't recommend her enough. Elaine Standish

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